Sunday, November 19, 2006

Are we there yet?

It's been another busy weekend for me, on top of the fact that I had my neighbor kids overnight on Friday and all day Saturday, along with my nephew on both those days. This weekend I re-learned that it's not very smart to assume you'll get any work done when there is an awake baby in the house. I knew that at one point, but somehow managed to convince myself that I'd be able to handle things around here AND work on images. Not smart. I ended up crashing on the couch last night way before my usual bed time.

But it's finally quiet here, and I get to concentrate on work. (Not for long, though, because starting tomorrow I have to concentrate on planning a Thanksgiving meal for 20 people!) Even my two are quietly resting and watching a movie. So I'm playing iTunes, drinking coffee and zooming through the pile of photos I have to edit. Ahhh . . . Almost as good as a nap!

This weekend I took two sessions that I couldn't wait to edit. I love it when that happens!

These two sisters are too cute for words. I just love the dynamic between the two of them. This image was supposed to be of the baby alone, but of course, big sis had to plug herself into that equation.

In this session I took a couple posed shots here and then stepped back to watch the family interact. I love this image for it's authenticity.

Clearly, I'm going through a black and white phase.

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Mother Faerie said...

Both of these pictures are stunning! I love the family picture, it's so moving but so simple and natural. :)




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