Sunday, November 05, 2006

Because I'm Quirky!

The first of the Christmas Cram-in sessions are edited and online galleries have been posted. Wheee! I have decided to call them Cram-in sessions, because I crammed them in after I realized my original deadline was a teet too early! I just have this week and next weekend and then I'm finished for the Christmas season.

I had two sessions yesterday, and one was for my fabulous neighbor T, who I know is out there reading. So, today's entry is for you, my fellow quirky neighbor-person. Thanks for braving the elements with me, yesterday. Who would have thought that a wetland would be so wet? And thanks for listening to me yap (and yap, and yap) between frames. I tend to do that.

On to the pictures!
I just love this kid. She's funny, rambunctious, confident and bright.

and the gorgeous blue eyes don't hurt!

This face might not ring a bell right away, but it is a familiar one! I took her photos for the first time last March and one shot from that session became the single most commented on and talked about photo in my portfolio within days of putting it up on my website. (you can see it on my site, under moms and babies, it's the first one in the gallery!) Yesterday was my second time working with her, and between clothing changes, she decided to take a minute and raid the pantry. This one is just too cute to be an outtake:

Too cute for words!

Good night!

I intend to sleep until ten tomorrow. That's totally not going to happen, but a girl can dream can't she ;)

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neighbor person T said...

Emily, we enjoyed the photo shoot the other day, mushy grass and all. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and so hard to decide what to pick. I need art on my walls, but I think too many of the same sitting might look odd, but then again, I'm odd. Rick swears that you are the only photographer for us...and coming from him that's BIG!!! He doesn't like much of anything...especially take pictures. Maybe you are the one to change him and make him a photo hound like us. Thanks again...and, oh by the way, I love the blogspot, and Hunter does too now. Thanks. T



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