Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Midnight Oil

Well, it's not midnight yet, but I may be pulling an after midnight-er tonight. Proofing stacks up sometimes and now is the perfect time to get myself caught up.

I am really excited about some new, exciting things that are happening this fall. The first big news is my new (to me) Emily Loftus Photography mobile. It's a super cute Otter-Pop-Blue Mini Cooper S, that will soon bear my logo. Keep your eye out for it around town, but don't laugh at me when you see me stall it 9 times in an intersection. It's my first car with a clutch.

There is more news, too, but I'll save it for another day. Right now, though, I should remind you to think about Christmas card photos soon! The last date to book a session for by-Christmas delivery is December 2nd. There are still lots of dates left, so no worries yet, but do think about it.

So now, enjoy this tiny little angel. I am pretty sure my kids were never this little:


Christie said...

What a sweetie!

theballroom said...

That is one cute baby!



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