Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bear With Me

I am doing a lot of changes on the website tonight, so if you log in and find white text on a white page, or some other semi-annoying in-between-ish sort of thing, forgive me.

When I am finished you'll see new colors, new photos and a new gallery just for newborn photos. I hope to make the blog look like it fits the look sometime soon, too. But I seem to run out of time everyday.

I wake up in the morning, positive and completely convinced that I'm going to accomplish everything there is to accomplish. Somewhere between waking up optimistic and going to bed completely zonked, I realize that I set my standards higher than I should. Somewhere between 7 am and 11 pm I realize I still haven't taken the pirate flags from my daughter's birthday party in January, down from my kitchen window. It's true. I'll own it.

With any luck, all of the website updating will be finished by weeks' end.

If you received a post card from me last week, now is the time to go ahead and call to book your sessions at the discounted rate. In the meantime, please enjoy a photo of my beautiful new packaging materials.

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