Thursday, October 29, 2009

A New Look!

I have been using my logo for the past three or four years, and have been generally happy with it. I have always been looking for something just a little more memorable, though. I had never really hit the nail on the head with a logo idea until I took these photos of my children a few months back:

Some day I'll fly away Check ya later!

It was an idea that hit me in a sudden moment of inspiration, something I was photographing almost as quickly as I thought it, then processing rather than eating dinner that night.

Sometimes the inspiration comes and you just have to go with it.

It was a couple months ago that I decided I thought I'd like to use the photos as inspiration for a new logo. I went to work on it myself, but ultimately called in a real professional to make it all work correctly for me!

I'm super happy with the design we've come up with here!

Have a look!

My new logo

I'll be implementing it bit by bit over the next few weeks. New cards and a new logo sticker for the 'ol Mini Cooper are in the works!


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Christie Mumm said...

I love it Emily, so cute! It's been a while since we hung out, gimme a call some time, love to catch up!



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