Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Almost there . . .

November is always such a whirlwind for me. It kind of just snowballs right smack into December, which just snowballs right smack into next year.

I suppose it could be the fault of my chosen profession, though. I start selling Christmas cards in August!

November whings by without me even noticing it most years, it seems. I do have a tremendous photographic record of all the work I've done, and fun things I've been a part of, though. And without it I'm not sure I'd remember November.

I thought that in today's blog post I'd share a selection of the photos I've had the opportunity to create this past November:

(I could post about a trillion photos from this wedding, but I'll stop for now!)

And a kitty cat for good measure!

Ah! November is gone. Now we're neck deep in Christmas, I suppose. I am so excited to be saving a few little gems for after the holidays, including a really fun after-Christmas sale that you should probably prepare yourselves for (!) and an upcoming Friends and Family sale that you won't want to miss either.

Thank you so much, to those of you who have invited me into your homes this year. I am so blessed to have an opportunity to photograph your families, and have a small part in helping you to document your family history. My loyal clients mean the world to me, and I'm glad to count you (YES! YOU!) among them! :)

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