Monday, February 22, 2010

Laid Up and Snowed In

I guess I should begin at the beginning.

That would be Wednesday the 17th - all beautiful and warm - the kind of day that makes you happy to live in this great little town. We took our pup to the marina for the first time and decided we'd blow off our nights' plans to stay home and enjoy dinner and a movie as a family.

When we got home the kids got their bikes out and went for a ride. I had gone out to check on them twice, and thought I'd call them in, in just a couple of minutes. I was preparing to cook dinner and Drew went out to the store, to fill a few empty spaces in our pantry.

I had the TV on, and hit pause to listen more closely to what sounded like crying outside. "No, more like screaming." I waited half a second. "Yes, that's definitely screaming". I started to walk to the front of the house to investigate. Then started to run when it didn't seem to be stopping.

I got to our entry way right as my frantic, horrified daughter got to the porch. My son had been hit by a car at the foot of our neighbor's driveway. He was alert, but probably pretty shocked at what had just happened. He had a bloodied mouth and said his shoulder hurt. The police, firemen and ambulance came - and we took a ride to Renown Trauma Center where he was diagnosed with a broken collar bone. He also had the gnarliest fat lip I've ever seen and lots of scrapes and bruises.

It wasn't until we got to the hospital that it really sunk in how lucky we were. All I can say is that I am SO EXTREMELY GRATEFUL that he'll heal and be back to himself before too long.

(On the mend, staying close to the couch, watching lots of bobsled, planning his future as an Olympian)
Crash himself

As you can imagine we've been staying close to home, doing lots of resting and napping and Olympics watching. On Sunday we did have plans to attend church, but that was about it.

Then on Saturday night, we watched the snow as it collected out back.

And out front.

My inner child demanded that the children (along with a friend who came to spend the night) come outside with me for a moment to catch snowflakes and admire the silent, snowy night.


It snowed all night without stopping - and all morning too. I measured Sunday afternoon and we had 19" in our backyard.

7-ish am


Now to the task of getting myself back to routine.

I've been taking it easy on myself these past few days, but I'll be catching up this week. I am still planning for snow sessions this weekend, if anyone is interested.

I'll keep it brief. I have a couple of positive confirmed participants, and could take 1-2 more.

If you are interested in having snow portraits done this weekend call me up. I'm here, fluffing pillows and practicing my skills as the deciding TV-show-vote. What will it be Hannah Montana or Women's Biathlon?

My phone is nearby, and I am usually free to answer.

I have a fair number of you out there who have orders to place or little strands of unfinished business to tie up. You can call me, too, if you'd like. I have appointment availability next week, if you need to meet with me. Your galleries should be open, if you have one. Call me and I'll open it up, if it isn't.

And finally: Living and running a business here in Reno is such a blessing. You, my clients and friends, have offered me such comfort and encouragement this week. I am thankful for each of you, for your kindness, concern, and loving words. You mean the world to me and to our family.

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Beckie K said...

Wow, Emily! What a nightmare! I'm glad Trevor is okay!!



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