Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Long time no Me

You would have laughed at me tonight, had you been a star in the sky, watching me trip around my muddy backyard in my beat up ballet flats and too long jeans. Tomorrow will be sprinkler-trench-digging day and my meager job was to move the hose around whilst it dampened the rock-solid ground of our backyard.

Maybe I was just being absent minded, or perhaps it's past my bed time, but I apparently forgot that wet dirt equals mud and that mud equals STUCK BALLET FLAT. Stuck ballet flat equals muddy foot, which equals muddy jeans, and then (of course!) Muddy Emily! Whee! You would have laughed. I did.

At any rate, I'm over here burning the midnight oil building my NEW and IMPROVED website, as I type. Not to worry, I washed my feet and replaced my muddy jeans with pjs.

I have so many beautiful new images to share, but I'm saving all of them for the new site. I can't wait until it's ready! Stay tuned, please!

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Christie said...

Can't wait to see it, Ms.Mud.



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