Sunday, April 15, 2007

A piece of advice

So remember how I was dampening the ground for sprinkler-trench-digging day? Yeah, that? Bad idea. It also rained and snowed that night, which turned the yard into a mud pit (with a cute pair of ballet flats stuck somewhere in the middle). Trenchers don't like to dig trenches in the mud. They like to get stuck.

The good news is that after that minor setback we appear to be back in business. I watched The Man dig today, whilst I put together the new site with the help of my wonderful neighbor-friend.
So, moving on . . .

I have been so satisfied with my sessions lately. Just pleased and happy to see everything come together the way it has. It's very rewarding to watch something you had a part in creating, make someone smile. This has been a good week with lots of those moments in it.

Spring is shaping up to be a good time, I think. I definitely have a portrait party going on the books in the next couple days. The weather and my absent mind were never on the same page this year, and I never followed through on the promised snow-sessions! Sorry to anyone who was counting on those. :(

If you're wanting a session in April, call now, I'm almost full. May looks good, though, so book away!

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