Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What are you doing June 22 and 23?

Am I busy? I honestly don't even know anymore. I'm doing something, I just don't remember what. heh. I just finished up what I think will be my last senior portrait session for the class of 2007. Congratulations to all of you graduates!

I have a little Kindergarten graduate of my own this year, too. But I'd better stop talking about that or I'll start crying. Again. That's actually a complete exaggeration. I haven't even cried yet. I guess we'll save that for The Big Day.

So on to business:

The good news is that I have news.

Item #1:
Portrait party! FINALLY! I realize I have been saying that this would happen for MONTHS now, and I'm finally getting my act together and doing it. Cards will go out next week, but here's the information I have as of now. The party will be held two evenings - Friday and Saturday June 22 and 23. Parties will start around 6 pm and will last until the light does. Probably 8:30 or 9pm. Location TBD. Soon. Very soon.

Sessions will last approximately 20 minutes and will cost $60. The session INCLUDES an 8x10 print, so this is a great way to try me out for the first time, or get a little portrait fix between bigger sessions, without a big financial commitment. Sessions are for no more than 3 people and only for people 18 and under, since I really need more time to get a good variety on a family portrait session. If you have more than three kids, give me a call and we'll figure something out.

Everyone will get 8-12 proofs in an online gallery (on my website! in my fresh new online gallery section!)

Call if you want to book a spot for your children now!

Item #2:
I am starting to get lots of calls for Class of '08 Seniors. If you guys want Fall sessions, call now, because my days are already filling up in September and October. (this goes for everyone else, too, I suppose)

Item #3:
Pretty soon I'll be formally introducing my fabulous interns to you guys! I just need to get these kids out for sessions so I have photos of them to share!

Isn't this picture very James Dean-esque? I thought so.

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