Thursday, June 21, 2007

Longest Day of the Year!

I'm tempted to sit outside and wait until the exact moment the sun goes down tonight, just so I can really soak in the last moments of this Longest Day of the Year. It's hard to believe that 2007 has reached it's peak and the days will slowly begin to dwindle from here on out. I've never marked the first day of summer in any meaningful way before, maybe this will be the year.

Today was hot and cloudless, just as the first official day of summer should be, I suppose. My kids talked me into a trip to Reno's brand-spanking-new Build-a-Bear Workshop and we came home with one pink kitty cat, one brown bear, take-out chicken and a video to pass the evening.

Tomorrow at this time I'll be at Rancho San Rafael with a crowd of my favorite people, doing my thing, as it were, and undoubtedly having a total blast.

So, enjoy the first day of Summer! Roast a marshmallow for me, and I'll see you all tomorrow night!

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