Saturday, April 19, 2008

That Shot

There's a little girl who lives here in town, who I happen to adore. Not only is she gorgeous, with a beautiful smile and delightfully chubby thighs, she's also super easy to take cute photos of. Last time you saw her, she was a tiny-tiny little thing, all curled up and new.

This time, she's . . . just . . . adorable:

Who can resist that sweet face? WHO?

So, with the posting of this photo, I would like to add: Millers Photo Lab is having a photo contest for babies and kids under 12 years of age. I can enter one photo per session, until June 21. The grand prize winner gets $5,000! There are smaller monetary prizes for the category winners, too. No the money is NOT for me, it's for you! So, I will enter my favorite photo from each session between now and June 21, into the contest for you. I'll pick the photo that I think is most likely to win, and keep you abreast of your standings in the competition!

If you've already had a session this year, I went ahead and put an entry in the contest already, including the above photo of our gorgeous friend!

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theballroom said...

$5,000, huh? I would be alright with that. Thanks for taking such cute pictures. I can't wait to see some of the others.



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