Wednesday, May 07, 2008

So New

Last week was the busiest week I have had so far this year. All of it has carried over into this week and I'm still tying up the loose ends over a cup of coffee and loud-ish music. I have the house the myself, windows open and a kitty cat for company. Life is good.

Things come in waves, I have noticed. Lately, all of my sessions are for babies, all but one of those babies are girls, too!

But it had been awhile since I've photographed a First Born. There's something different about your first baby. Everything is new. Beautifully naive, you wake each morning to a new adventure. As a mom of two who are growing way too fast, it was neat for me to be given the opportunity to remember the first days of my first born's life in a new way.

Here she is. The most beautiful strawberry blonde baby, ever!

This second shot was inspired by the photo I am about to post, from my first session of the week. I love both variations of this image.

The second baby of the week was the first baby boy I have photographed in quite some time. The third child in his family and the very first boy! He's a big guy, gorgeous hair, full fat cheeks. I didn't set this image up intentionally at all. She was actually rocking him to sleep and I just could not resist.

Expect more photos of both of these beautiful babies in the future!
The other things I did last week are so super fun and exciting that I am saving a certain special day to share them with the Whole Big World. I really can't wait!

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