Sunday, July 06, 2008


People always ask me, "Do you have tons of amazing photos of your kids?" and I always tell them the truth: No, I do not.

My children are beyond jaded. They know me, they know my tricks, they're more than hip to my game. It's so rare that I get an amazing photo of them, but when I do, I treasure it.

I bought curtains for my master bedroom in August of 2007 and they have been sitting in a drawer ever since. I bought the rods to hang them in February of this year. They have been sitting on the floor in my bedroom since then.

Miraculously, yesterday, I got around to hanging them. Go figure!

They're sheer, flowy, and white and they reflect a lot of beautiful light around my room. Anyone who knows me knows that I leave no beautiful light un-photographed. And if I can photograph beautiful light, and my kids all in one shot, then I'm lucky momma, indeed.

Add one more to the Great Photos of My Kids column. :)

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Melissa Vossler said...

I do love this photo. I also can't wait to meet your kids, and maybe steal your bedroom for some photos of my kids :)



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