Monday, August 18, 2008

Pet Sessions

I love dogs.

I love them a whole lot.

Right now, I don't own a dog of my own. I have an extremely elderly kitty who I think would prefer to live in peace, in his last years, so for now I am a dogless dog lover. I call my kitties "puppy" regularly, though. Does that make any difference? Didn't think so.

When we found out our friends Ryan and Natalie were getting a Golden Retriever I sent Ryan a message. I'm pretty sure it read "Please, please, please, please, please let me come take photos of the puppy!" Of course he let me!

This was a couple months back, but I am just now ready to get the ball rolling toward MORE PUPPY SESSIONS! I am asking YOU to bring me your puppies, your doggies, your best friends, and your horses and kitty cats, too. (You actually don't have to bring them anywhere. I will come to you, as always.)

Call me or email me now, book a pet session for September, and I'll throw in a massively awesome gift! Sound good?

Of course, I am leaving you with photos of the puppy!
I am still incredibly busy. A ton of you got calls from me this weekend. I am trying to tie up about seven thousand loose ends. I'll be in and out every day this week, with sessions almost every single day, but I will make it a priority to answer when you call!
Thanks for reading!

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