Thursday, August 14, 2008

Up to my Eyeballs

It's a quiet day here in the Loftus house. Daddy is at work. Baby #2 is spending the day with Grandma. Baby #1 is happily occupied playing games on I am working, working, working.

It's been a busy few weeks for me. Probably the busiest I have ever been, to be honest with you. At least as busy as I was last Christmas, which is sort of difficult for me to wrap my mind around. So far in August I have traveled to the other side of the country for a session, photographed my first 3 month baby plan session, hosted my family's family reunion, traveled to the Sacramento area for my cousin's (who is 28 weeks pregnant with TWINS!) baby shower, and photographed a session on the beach in Tahoe.

I believe photos are in order. This is, obviously, a tiny sampling of all I have, and yet, probably one of my biggest photo posts ever, here on this blog :)

First, DC:
What can I say? I am truly blessed to have been asked to photograph this engagement. Matt and Megan are a wonderful, beautiful couple and I can. not. wait. for their wedding at Disneyworld in December. I had never been to DC before and they were amazing tour guides. I feel like I came home knowing more about my country, on top of being given the opportunity to create photos for them.

And here we have my wonderful cousin and cousinbaby (whose relationship is Grandma and granddaughter)

Aren't they adorable? Such a happy Grandma! She's got twin grandson's on the way, and a granddaughter who just turned three, too!

Look at that adorable little red head! Expect more red headed goodness over the next year!

And another talented dancer for my studio display. I'd say, comfortably, that I am 55% finished with the photography for this display. I still have prints to select, order and hang. The majority of the work is ahead of me, and I am definitely neck deep right now.
but I'm okay with that.
Thank you for reading!

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