Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On July 29th

This morning I was overcome with the emotion of the summer's end. It's less than dread, but more than avoidance, laced with sadness and kind of a happy preparation for a new beginning.

Then I realized it's not even August yet.

I am getting a little ahead of myself.

We have FOUR full, beautiful, amazing weeks of summer left. I won't clockwatch. I won't over think.

I'll Live.

I have had the most amazing couple of weeks.

Largely because of this amazing young dancer:

I am working on a display for the most amazing dance studio, and this wonderful young woman will be a part of it. We had so much fun working downtown yesterday, and we even had an audience. But who wouldn't stop and watch?

When the display is up, I'll post an official unveiling. I don't know if this is the photo I'll use, but time will tell. It's a finalist for sure.

Want more stuff? Okay!

Another totally wonderful little dancer!

Personality-o-rama at a seriously fun family shoot!

Our old friend is completely mobile! (This photo doesn't tell the whole story, because she's actually already walking really well!)

And of course, a little something for me. Trash the Dress Emily Loftus style.

This photo would not be possible without my amazingly beautiful sister, and cheap wedding dresses on ebay! There are so many photos from this shoot, but this is the only one I'll share for now. Yes we did ACTUALLY trash the dress, by way of laying in the river while wearing it. When I came home that night, I threw it in the washing machine and washed it on delicate. What did I have to lose?

IT CAME PERFECTLY CLEAN. And it still looks amazing. Expect more dress trashing in the future.

I leave on the 2nd for a few days to Washington DC. I promise to come back with photos to share.

Any calls will be returned when I return.

I am booking about a month out right now, so if you have a date in mind, call soon!

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