Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some Things . . .


I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Kim and Alex who are the winners of the Mommy and Me package we raffled off for the folks who bought their photos at In Motion during the week of dance portrait sales!

Enjoy your SOAK massage and Build-a-Bear gift card, ladies!

Emmitt Smith is my homeboy:

For the second year in a row Wire Image hired me as a Stringer to cover the American Century Golf Tournament Gift Suite. This year we were right in the clubhouse at Edgewood in the middle of the action. The view was gorgeous and the company was wonderful. I even got hassled by Edgewood security and got to flash a credential and move right past! FUN!

If you'd like to see my photos, please check them out on the WireImage website.

Day 1

Day 2

Last year I made friends and connections with so many people, this year I got to reconnect with many of them and make new friends. I will gladly work for Backstage Creations and WireImage as often as they'll have me! I just can't even tell you how much fun this event is to work.

Another Summer of Dance, Dance, Dance is here:


More from this session with a dancer and her dancer momma!

Stay tuned . . .

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