Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Adventures in Weather Prediction

Awhile back I reconnected with a client who I hadn't seen in a couple years.

We booked a session at Donner Lake for mid June . . .
that had to be canceled due to weather . . .

so we rescheduled for the next week . . .
and had to cancel due to weather . . .

so we waited until some time went by, and rescheduled again . . .
and ended up having to cancel it again when it looked like weather would be bad once more.

Finally, we had our session scheduled for yesterday, July 28th.

It was hot outside all day. Scorchingly, cloudlessly, NO SIGN OF RAIN hot.

Until I walked out the door for my session at approximately 5:27pm.

I stepped on my front porch, and could immediately smell that smell. You know The Smell. The Rainy smell. Hmmm . . . and then I heard thunder. NOOOO!


So I called her to see if she agreed that we were jinxed.

"Hi, I'm coming either way and I'll take photos in the rain, if I must!" I told her. (okay, that's not really what I said, but you hear me, right?) But she TOTALLY MADE MY LIFE by saying that the skies at the lake were clear.

So, total best of both worlds experience: I had an amazing, scenic drive to Donner Lake, all clouds and lightning and tiny droplets.

And then a relaxing evening at the Lake, with three superawesome little ladies:

The little sister


Growing . . .

And when I drove home the clouds towered overhead and lightning lit the sky daylight bright, glittery purple, and I said, "OH WOW!" outloud, inside my car.

Any sight that causes one to speak aloud to oneself, enthusiastically, is pretty cool in my book.

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