Friday, September 04, 2009

What a Ride

I guess, after this weekend, we can officially call Summer over, ha?

From where I sit I'd call this one a good one! I've been here, there and everywhere and somehow managed to remember and appreciate a little bit of it.

I have lots of photos to share since I haven't posted in a coon's age (ha!), so I won't blab too much. I wanted to share a little hodge podge of what I've been photographing in the past couple weeks, including a first for me: Yogurt.

Just so you know, the yogurt was all photographed on location for a new locally owned shop called KiiWe. (Pronounced like Kiwi) The yogurt and the fruity toppings they offer are super good for you. I'm a fan! My children recommend the Pomegranate yogurt with fruity pebbles, strawberries and white chocolate chips.

(By the way, KiiWe is adjacent to the movie theater at the Summit Sierra Mall, if you want to try it out.)

The Place

Mango and Raspberry

Now, on to people! :)

hand in hand

Finally, meet my new best friend:

Her name is Jordyn and I kind of love her a whole lot!

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