Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Somewhat homebound

Ah! Car troubles are . . . troublesome. Aren't they? Our old friend Cooper is in the shop FOR THE SECOND TIME IN A MONTH. I'm not overly amused. But I will live. I'll get a lot of computer work done! Maybe I'll even venture into the realm of Spring Cleaning. Should be lots of fun.

For now, I'm pretending that I'm stuck at home because of a volcano in Iceland. It makes the whole thing seem a lot more adventurous.

I've been having lots of fun doing fun springy photos. Lots of surprise Mother's Day and Father's Day sessions! Which of course I can't post any sneak peeks from BECAUSE IT WOULD RUIN THE SURPRISE!

But mentioning it does give me a good opportunity to mention to you that Now Is The Time to book, if you'd like prints for Mother's Day. You can use your Mother's Day photos for Father's Day gifts, too!

It's also First Communion season, and I finally got an opportunity to photograph a couple of adorable little ones on the morning they celebrated their First Communion. Here they are:


First Communion

Portraits for a family with baby #3 on the way!

Soon to be

Smooches for the baby

and a little peek of a wedding album I recently delivered:

The Pages

Wedding Album

Last Page

An album like this is available at any time - not just for Brides and Grooms. I recently did a similar album for a newborn session, I've done albums with several years of family photos, and for baby plan clients at the completion of their baby's first year.

A couple visitors to my house who insisted they be photographed, okay, I insisted . . . you know how it is:

Sweet smile

Black and Yellow

And finally, for fun, a few odds and ends:

Dinner Time

Chess Time

Jordy got a slinky

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Commander said...

The pictures of the pupper dupper are WAY TOO CUTE! Also I love the picture of Austie all lit up by the sun and shiny sequins :-)



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