Friday, June 01, 2007


Let's just get something out of the way here:

I'm so loving this shot. Seriously, it is such a gift to be able to look at this image and feel like it belongs to me, but blesses someone else. I feel like an idiot for gushing over my own photography, though, so I should probably zip it right . . . now. Just look at the photo and pretend I said nothing :)

Ok, on to topic #2:

Ines is an incredibly beautiful, intelligent and talented Class of 2007 graduate and she's going to work with me this summer! She'll be off to Washington for school at the end of the summer, but before we lose her to academia, she's decided to dedicate some of her time to learning natural light photography with yours truly.
There is no hiding my appreciation for this young woman. She's down-to-earth in the perfect way for a teenager to be, she loves photography, and aspires to amazing things. Hopefully all of you will get a chance to meet Ines this summer.

Topic #3:

The plans for the Portrait Event are firm and printed on real post cards! Expect one in the mail sometime soon, and if you don't get one, e-mail me your address. I am also putting them in several Starbucks locations around town along with a couple other places us moms frequent.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Finally, I leave you with this piece of CUTE to ponder:

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