Monday, March 09, 2009

Welcome Back!

I think our Winter Fog may finally be lifting, Reno! I can tell, because my allergies are starting to flare up! Wheee! As of today, I am counting the days until I can go outside barefoot!

I have a few new photos to share!

I spent this past Saturday afternoon with an adorable little lady, whose Momma just so happens to be an amazing hairstylist! MY amazing hairstylist. Together with my sister, we had a grand time down at the little league fields. Three girly-girl-meets-tomboy girls, playing with tutus and running the bases.

I photograph this family regularly, and I'm very lucky to be their "Picture Emily." The youngest member of their family is this little man who at 10 months old and might outweigh his 3 year old sister. If he doesn't already, he will soon! Is he not the cutest? I feel like this photo is a window into his big-boy self.

Over Christmas I got a call from a mom wanting to book a newborn session for the baby she was expecting. I got to go and meet the little man last week. He's just pink and perfect as a baby can be. 5 days old. Expect to see lots more of him over the next year.

Finally, the gorgeous couple with whom I had the most adventurous session of my entire career, so far. There were at least two pairs of pants torn in our adventures. You'll just have to wonder what it is that happened! You get to see one of our less adventurous photos for now!


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